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Hello everyone,

Today is a very special day for Ixnay. 14 years ago, on July 7th, 2003, the first record we have of Ixnay's existence was created. We can reasonably assume that this was the day that Max Barry himself birthed Ixnay from his bosom, creating the region that would eventually become the cesspool we know and love today. To celebrate, we're giving away ₡100.00 the first time you log on today! We've also changed the logo to reflect on the previous delegates of the region.

You may notice a pretty substantial change in the website from a week ago. Our development director and resident coke head Heku has been hard at work fixing the mess he...
Monteangeline Dispatches

January 2029
Issue # 1

Ascher, Cantun Ascher, Monteangelo

Stadi and Armeda officials announced jointly Wednesday morning that a deal has been brokered with Burgundie to supply the nation with 15 new warships to be constructed by the Monteangeline Steelmill and Works (ALMA) at the Ascher Yards. The contract valued at over $58 billion (₥77 billion) is certain to provide a massive boon to the Monteangeline manufacturing sector, but is not...
Kilikas Sea Naval Station, Northern Command- In a break from almost 125 years of naval tradition, the Board of Naval Procurement and Maintenance has announced they will purchase 15 light/medium surface warfare vessels from Monteangeline Steelmill and Works. The purchase represents the first time that the Navy has purchased a surface warfare combatant not made by a Burgundian chantier.

The news was met with shock and dismay by many across Burgundie, especially investors in...
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Yytuskian Inquiry

January 2029

(79th Edition)

Parliamentary elections gearing up, LEP expected to make great gains

January 1st - With the start of the New Year, many living in Yytuskia will once again be required to do their civic duty, as plans for next year’s parliamentary elections are already way. Many citizens are looking forward to the elections on December 1st, 2029, as recent polls suggest that roughly 55% of the population were either unsatisfied or disappointed by the Neue Zukunft Union and Premierfuhrer...
Vilauristre- The conflict with Azikoria has heightened as a recent leak of government communications confirm that the image we posted in the previous bulletin was not, in fact, Azikorian officials removing files from the Embassy, but a team of Burgundian federal agents absconding with sensitive Azikorian dossiers on Burgundian high-ranking officials. The leaked emails detail that the Burgundian Agency for Criminal Investigation (BACI) posed as movers to conceal their theft....
Vilauristre- Following the unprovoked muckraking of Azikorian Ministry of External Affairs, the Azikorian diplomatic crops has been expelled from Burgundie. The move comes after a three week long back channeling effort that failed to encourage the Azikorian government from changing its position on the government of Wintergen.

Background- In the...
Chancellor Maesent at a recent event celebrating bonds between Kiravian and Azikorian farmers

The Azikorian Ministry of External Affairs has released an official statement, declaring the United Municipalities's support for Kiravia's jurisdiction over the islands of Wintergen and Xaldun, "illegally occupied by the corrupt hyper-capitalist Burgundien regime and the miscegenated Anglo-Turkic Tudorvid Sultanate respectively." According to the release, Azikoria extends "full and immediate recognition of and respect for Kiravian sovereignty within all territorial regions where it is threatened,"...
Leideenhan President Leo Bösiger has as of 9 am Leideenhan time, signed into law the complete neutrality in international wars. This policy is to help ensure that Leideenhan is not to be involved in armed conflicts between other states. This policy is self-imposed, permanent, and armed, designed to ensure external security and promote peace. This military neutrality is to also be carried over politically to help ensure absolute impartiality and showing no preference to any one nation. To help ensure this peace, all Leideenhan citizens capable of military service hence forth shall enter a mandatory 4 year military service. Upon military service completion, citizens shall remain part of the Leideenhan National Reserve Force and be...

Monday, July 31, 2017 | Today's Paper

UURA's Landmark Project Begins Construction

By Clifford Paytham


Lux Univ City - Last year, the Univian Urban Renewal Agency (UURA) has announced it's partnership with several local and international organizations in developing and transforming the northern port city of Subil. With the agency's success in renovating urban clusters in the past, it...