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Sudmoll- A minor incident was averted after a Caphirian patrol vessel stopped a Burgundian fishing trawler off the coast of Eskal under suspicion of drug smuggling. The Burgundian fishermen were resistant to arrest and two Caphirian coastal patrolmen received minor injuries in the ensuing fisticuffs. The fisherman responsible for the assault on peace officers was taken into custody, a move the Burgundian government did not contest, stating, "The rule of law on the open seas must be respected and it is unfortunate that Burgundian citizens would conduct themselves in such a manner."...
Hello all we have a topographical map template, huzzay!

Link here

The way this is going to work is that you are going to use the colors on the side to fill out your nation and dependencies to start building a patchwork quilt of topographical splendor.

The cartographer reserves the right to "blend" inconsistent border regions if there is a conflict. That being said, this is first come first serve, power to the active players who get theirs done first! That means if you dawdled and then don't like what is happening on the other side of your border....well tough cookies!

I would prefer to see long rivers and mountain...

Vilauristre- The Citizens Court of the National Assembly praised the recent agreement between Monteangeline Steelmill and Works (ALMA) union leaders and the Monteangeline government. The matter had been raised on the Assembly floor whether or not to honor the newly signed contracts, but...

Vilauristre- This special expose edition of Levantine Time Union is the culmination of a three-year undercover sting by members of the LTU editorial staff.

Containerization, Economies of Scale, and Automation
How O'Shea Container Shipping has destroyed the maritime economy in its quest for a few pennies
By: Genevive Hussard d'Olorn and Martin Valbouis
This story starts in the port city of Dorft in 1968. An accountant for Doppel Gangway, the primary shipping line operating in those docks, came up with the idea for how to make the company more...
Monteangeline Dispatches

July 2029
Issue # 3

Haydée, Cantun Haydée, Monteangelo
Sighs of relief were uttered across the nation following an announcement from the union heads of the Monteangeline Steelmill and Works (ALMA). Monteangeline government officials and union leaders were at odds regarding pay increases in accordance with large new contracts. Government officials opposed...

Vilauristre- In a surprisingly partisan move for the government of Burgundie, Great Prince Pasqual I has lashed out against the "unchecked and violently hegemonic power" of the Caphirian Imperium. The government in Burgundie has long taken the stance that as long as the trade routes are unobstructed, then they will not get involved in international realpolitik. The speech, given in a special joint...
Monteangeline Dispatches

June 2029
Issue # 2

Haydée, Cantun Haydée, Monteangelo

Controversy strikes in Monteangelo amid union concerns at the Monteangeline Steelmill and Works (ALMA) which was recently contracted to construct 15 new warships for Burgundie. The shipbuilding firm located in Ascher, Monteangelo is a jointly-owned venture between the Monteangeline Stadi...
Palmeria slammed by LoN report

Chen Biu, LoN ambassador​

Farpoint: The League of Nations subcommittee on child right's has released a 200 page report on child labor and its outsized role in the Palmerian economy. The report highlights Palmeria as one of the most egregious violators of the rights of children aged 15 and under. It accuses the socialist government of Ivo Cucuphas of running an extensive network of work camps under the guise of 'children's cooperatives'. Minors are forced to labor in a variety of activities including agriculture, mining, handling of...

Joint Base Ayermer, Ayermer- A combined response a was organized by the Ayermer Prefecture to reports of the ignition of a Kandaran oil tanker, the KS Fandooli, 400nm off of Ayermer last night. Within three hours the Revenue Guard, the Navy of Burgundie, the Maritime Response Group, the Perfect Storm Emergency Response Corps, as well as the Pukhtunkhwan navy and coast guard were on scene with Admiral Elodie-Anthoniette Remique, the prefect of the Ayermer Prefecture, activating the Maritime Emergency Operations Center and assuming command.


Port de Vent City, Port de Vent- As the dramatic announcement of the Corummese tariffs on Palmerian and Insuian goods hit Burgundie the government was quick to call for "cautious and purposeful action" to resolve the crisis. The Foreign Secretary Evangeline Bissole called a press conference within the hour to address the issue....