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Vilauristre, Burgundie-There have been mixed responses to the news of a more stringent hardline on youth criminality in Monteangelo. As the countries continue to draw closer together, first through the purchase of warships and then with the introduction of ARGUS. Many in the government and academic institutions were vocally opposed to the move by new...
Monteangeline Dispatches

February 2031
Issue # 4

Haydée, Cantun Haydée, Monteangelo
Controversy has struck within Il Tur, the headquarters of both Monteangelo's paramilitary forces called the Gendarmeria and the civil service known as the Stadi, in the capital city Haydée. Following the retirement last month of the head of the Gendarmeria, General Michael Deirspulschain, his successor General Davons Ens has taken a comparatively hardline approach to crime, particularly youth crime. Within the past two years in Monteangelo, youth delinquency rates have more than doubled from...

Bulkh People's Republic, al Qadria- Following a "localized misunderstanding" at the Bulkhan and Bulkh People's Republic border, an imperial invasion force of Burgundian slave-drivers ahead of an army of oppressed Bulkhan conscripts have punctured the borders of the eternal People's Republic. They are driving straight for the heart of our collective strength, our beloved capital al Qadria, but they will never break the barricades and blockades of the people's will! This is our call to arms and our moment to serve the party as it has served us all forever. Praise be to the citizen's army, praise be to...​

Ummh, Bulkh- Fighting broke out last night as Bulkh People's Republic (BPR) soldiers mortared a Bulkhan border station. Three Bulkhan soldiers are reported dead and 16 injured. The nearby Fort Mesr Wadi, where Bulkhan Special Forces were stationed with two recently arrived squads of Umardi Askaris. A joint battalion was immediately dispatched to the scene of the fighting and the border guards were evacuated. The post is now garrisoned by the Bulkhan Special Forces. The bodies of...
Winter is almost over and the second half of the Premiership is about to start. ¡Join us as we recap the journey made so far!

After a couple the transitional tournaments the Palmerian Premier League made its debut as Palmeria’s Top Football league on August 7th of 2017. After a complete re-organization of professional football competitions following the 2025 Palmerian Revolution, which included the re-organization of a lot of football teams into sports associations, La Premier was born.

The Football Association Palmerian Premier League Ltd (FAPPL) is operated as a corporation and is owned by the 20 member clubs. Each club is a shareholder, with one vote each on issues such as rule changes and contracts. The clubs elect a...

A Special Investigation by the
Pan-Punth Free Press
Republic of Bulkh Bureau
As the beginning of The Great Endeavor approaches, particular attention is being drawn to Xingkai'Pei, a large nation in Southern Punth. Xingkai'Pei is a gradually industrializing country with a growing working class emerging from a historically agrarian economy. In the past 40 years, the nation has become known as a centre for cheap manufacturing across the world.

The government of Xingkai'Pei has prided itself in the rapid...​

Following the announcement of The Great Endeavor, the nations of Pursat, Jalqolak, Dhavastu, Khulaparkur, Priyadhar, Tapakdore, Xingai'Pei, Shingtu, the Central Kandaran Republic, Pershabiwar, and Kandara prepare for the visit of the esteemed Basileus Tiberius Heraklonas of Veltorina. Each nation will out the red carpet for the Basileus and have prepared for his visit a variety of activities. The schedule is as follows:

  • Pursat-
    • Day 1: military reception and review, state dinner
    • Day 2: factory tours of a tannery, a refrigeration plant, and a recycling...


Today consequential information has been released from the Purple Palace department of foreign affairs which has announced that the Basileus Tiberius Heraklonas after careful consultation with the parliament has decided to go on a tour of the Southern Punth region in order to create closer relations and promote economic co-operation with the ultimate goal of creating an economic organisation to encourage growth in all constituents.

The nations being visited in this three week trip which was called "The Great Endeavor" in government releases involves the following Southern Punthite nations:...​

Ummh, Bulkh- The government in al Qadria have raised the stakes by seizing 17 Bulkhan citizens and extraditing them on suspicion of espionage. This flagrant disregard for the sovereignty of the internationally recognized border between the two nations and the rights of the citizens of Bulkh prompted a quick response as the full forces of the Bulkhan Army were mobilized to the border. 6 companies of the...

Vileauguste, Nova Levantia- In addition to the Umardi Askaris, the Burgundian Foreign Legion has mobilized the IV Punthite Corps high command, a clear sign that the rest of the Corps will likely follow. Nova Levantia, ever a thriving military hub for the Foreign Legion, has seen buildup not seen since the...