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Iron Bridge Free Press, Inc.

In Picture: A Ferratan soldier poses for a photo with a militia squad of the DFS.

Today, armed forces of the Free Land of Pons Ferrata have docked into the port of Heratras in the island of Skopiros, internationally known as 'Sudland'. General Lucius Quintus and Councillor Robertus Cattio met with the governor of of the Democratic Front of Skopiros or DSF, Antiphates Loukas, to offer complete military and economic support to the faction which Councillor Cattio referred to as the "Freedom Fighters" of Skopiros in a press conference later on.

The move came after the House of Councillors, the main governing body of the Free...
The initial plan for a highway which would unite northern and southern Ferratan territory by regulated high speed vehicular traffic has been completed earlier this month. After over 20 years of construction projects financed both publicly and by various private investors, the highway has been inaugurated by High Councillor Alberto Stefano.

"It is my pleasure to announce a new link between Southern and Northern Ferrata by declaring the F-4 highway open to the public. With its opening to the public we are sure that business interests in the South will soar skyhigh, as travels which were once nearly 10 hours long have been reduced to around 5 hours." said the High Councillor during the...

Global Top 10 for May 2028

1. "Bulletproof" - Miss Kay Tee, Pauldustllah, Pop
2. "Into the Sky" - Marcus Breslan, Hekuvia, Indie-Pop
3 "Uncomplicated" - Will Ryan, Urcea, Country
4. "Back With" - The Phoenix Apostates, Burgundie, Pop-Rock
5. "Perks" - Past, Insui, Rap
6. "Want Your Love" - Seamus and the Lads, Kiravia, Pop

URCEOPOLIS- The Ministry of State today announced that the Apostolic Kingdom of Urcea has seized the island chain of Antilles, a relatively backwater main island and archipelago in the Levantine Ocean that sits roughly halfway between Urcea and its Punth territory, New Yustona.

The territory in recent months has been in a state of anarchy following the collapse of its mother country, one of Urcea's northern neighbors. Seeing opportunity to improve supply lines and reduce use of foreign base sharing, the King decided in the early hours of yesterday morning to land a detachment of the 11th Royal Fusiliers on the island, which they did today. Quickly seizing undefended...​
Intervention in Sospiyan Continues, Federacy Declares Civil Government

PARERA - Troops of the Third Infantry Division (Mechanised) and the First Armored Division continue to advance toward the Sospiyan capital at Inwe under the command of Major General L├Žstadius Vitrumen. Increased hours of daylight and rising temperatures since the beginning of Subarctic Punth's short summer have aided Kiravian forces with improved visibility and ease of movement, and while the density of anti-tank minefields and impassable wetland has increased as the campaign pushes north, Kiravian High Command is...
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Exterior Threats Loom
Following the complete encirclement of Razgriskm by organized Muslim nations the Stahl Corporation has proposed action plans against outside interference for politically and religiously charged incursions. The notion was supported by acting commander of the armed forces Lusar Glorvia and the Glorvia corporation. At Noontime of last Friday the new defensive plans had...​

Aescaracta - Ever since the Latium Crisis of 2026 a Regency Council led by Cardinal Aurel Jaborkez, the Prince-Archbishop of Tisztelgard, has ruled the Absolute Monarchy of the Archduchy-Electorate of Aescaracta after the Ornanstauru dynasty, the sixth dynasty to sit the Bronze Throne, died out when the infant Archduke-Elector Syagrius III was murdered during the Crisis. Although the Regency Council and the Ducal Diet have restored the economic and social circumstances back to the level...
Established 2525
Luang Namxay Times

Volume 3, Number 172 - 8th May 2028 - Fullmoon Day of Deuan Peudsapa 2572

Security forces arrest three Smugglers, seize firearms.

Phonphoi, 8th May - Three smugglers are confirmed to be in custody after local police conducted a raid on a smuggling operation in the village of Na Mon. Alongside 364,600...

Global Top 10 for April 2028

1. "Into the Sky" - Marcus Breslan, Hekuvia, Indie-Pop
2. "Back With" - The Phoenix Apostates, Burgundie, Pop-Rock
3. "Bulletproof" - Miss Kay Tee, Pauldustllah, Pop
4. "Perks" - Past, Insui, Rap
5. "Pouring Down" - Arlen Kennard, Ainarom, Pop
6. "Too Late" - The Late Boys, Lorneg, Pop

Presidential Convention date set by Grand Assembly
- Lourdes Varela

The intended venue for the monumental event.

The Presidential Convention has been scheduled for December 15, 2028, starting exactly seven years after the previous gathering which elected incumbent President of the Federal Republic, Nicolás Gonzales. Many pundits and analysts had expected the convention to be scheduled for the Summer when the Grand Assembly adjourn for its annual summer recess. This has led to speculation...