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Palmeria slammed by LoN report

Chen Biu, LoN ambassador​

Farpoint: The League of Nations subcommittee on child right's has released a 200 page report on child labor and its outsized role in the Palmerian economy. The report highlights Palmeria as one of the most egregious violators of the rights of children aged 15 and under. It accuses the socialist government of Ivo Cucuphas of running an extensive network of work camps under the guise of 'children's cooperatives'. Minors are forced to labor in a variety of activities including agriculture, mining, handling of...

Joint Base Ayermer, Ayermer- A combined response a was organized by the Ayermer Prefecture to reports of the ignition of a Kandaran oil tanker, the KS Fandooli, 400nm off of Ayermer last night. Within three hours the Revenue Guard, the Navy of Burgundie, the Maritime Response Group, the Perfect Storm Emergency Response Corps, as well as the Pukhtunkhwan navy and coast guard were on scene with Admiral Elodie-Anthoniette Remique, the prefect of the Ayermer Prefecture, activating the Maritime Emergency Operations Center and assuming command.


Port de Vent City, Port de Vent- As the dramatic announcement of the Corummese tariffs on Palmerian and Insuian goods hit Burgundie the government was quick to call for "cautious and purposeful action" to resolve the crisis. The Foreign Secretary Evangeline Bissole called a press conference within the hour to address the issue....
Today Foreign Relations Chancellor, Sofìa Cuello, dismissed Corummese accusations of child labor in palmerian industries as “mere ridiculous slander from the corummese officials”.

Foreign Relations Chancellor Sofìa Cuello​

When Cuello was presented a question on the recent accusation from Foreign Secretary Mibb Todd, the Chancellor simply stated:

“Yes, the Foreign Relations Ministry has taken notice of these accusations, and to the best of our knowledge these are nothing more than mere ridiculous slander from the corummese officials. Palmeria is at large the most preoccupied nation on the matter of forced labor, child labor and inhuman work conditions. It would be incredibly...
Punitive tariffs imposed on Palmerian/Insuian goods

Mibb Todd, Foreign Secretary​

Mirzak- Citing increasing concerns about widespread reports on the use of child labor by Palmerian and Insuian industries, the Foreign Ministry has announced the unilateral imposition of a special 30% tariff on all products originating from Palmeria or Insui. The measure is being implemented to encourage foreign companies to take a more humane approach in their labor practices and also to protect Corummese industries from disloyal competition. Corummese business associations have long complained of dishonest foreign competition who use inferior...
Region Update Map Updated 12/28/17
Thank you all for your patience, the LONG awaited map update is finally here!

As mentioned in my progress reports the map has been shrunk slightly and the map sitters purged like the troglodytes that they are.

As many of you may notice there are some pretty striking differences in this map, namely that Helvi's land has been removed entirely, and Vespia was renamed and his island claims removed. These are edits made before I ever touched the map to update it, so please direct your resulting fury elsewhere. Changes that you can direct your concerns to me for are the decision to remove religious and political system icons. They were interesting, but these concepts are clearly delineated in people's ixiki pages.

Today, the Ministry of Defense issued a communication officially announcing its 5 year budget reducing plan, which will implicate a substantial reduction of Palmeria’s military manpower.

The key points of the plan described by the MoD and previously by the Executve Branch are as follows:

· Reduction of highly spare and stored weapon assets to reduce cost of storage.

· Elimination/Sale of highly spare and stored ground vehicles to reduce cost of storage of unneeded equipment.

· Reduction of active duty personnel of all branches of the armed forces.

· Reduction of reserve personnel of all branches of the armed forces.

Last week, The Presidential Palace was very clear when announcing its...
Monteangeline Dispatches

January 2029
Issue # 1

Ascher, Cantun Ascher, Monteangelo

Stadi and Armeda officials announced jointly Wednesday morning that a deal has been brokered with Burgundie to supply the nation with 15 new warships to be constructed by the Monteangeline Steelmill and Works (ALMA) at the Ascher Yards. The contract valued at over $58 billion (₥77 billion) is certain to provide a massive boon to the Monteangeline manufacturing sector, but is not...
Kilikas Sea Naval Station, Northern Command- In a break from almost 125 years of naval tradition, the Board of Naval Procurement and Maintenance has announced they will purchase 15 light/medium surface warfare vessels from Monteangeline Steelmill and Works. The purchase represents the first time that the Navy has purchased a surface warfare combatant not made by a Burgundian chantier.

The news was met with shock and dismay by many across Burgundie, especially investors in...
Region Update Map Update 12/17
The map revision is now technically complete but I will keep working on it to make it prettier as we go.

Thank you for your patience.
The Cartographer