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BREAKING NEWS - Fleet send to Ghazi Canal.
By Esmé Romijn, HNN.


LORWYNNE - The First Fleet has been deployed to the Ghazi Canal after Vespian threats, The following is the full excerpt of the...
Kiravia Launches Police Action on Zospiyan Border

Tanks of the 18th Armoured Division advancing toward the Eskimo settlement of Kawaliisuut in southern Zospiyan

PARERA - Kiravian forces stationed along the border between Zospiyan and the Kiravian overseas states of Porfíria, the Green River Colony, and the Northeast Territory as part of the inter-agency Punth Joint Security Command created last year by the Candrin administration have initiated what the Defence Executive has termed a “police action” against some nine indigenous settlements...

Headlines: Pukhtunkhwa responds to Vespian aggression……….Vespian National database hit by Hacktivist collective……….Hero dies in a Hospital

Attock: An army has departed Vespia to take control of the Ghazi-Aay’han link canal crossing central Punth. This latest act in Vespian aggression shows a blatant disregard for any sort of rules. The Vespians have shown themselves as a selfish people who have decided to stab Pukhtunkhwa and the Maritime League in the back. They have decided to take the link canal, a joint multi-national effort, for themselves. In a statement released from the royal palace the sultan answered all Vespian claims.

The sultan said that...


* * * Notice: The video attached is graphic and general contents of this story may be disturbing to some viewers. * * *

Police shooting of unarmed Coscivian man near Verdenport under investigation

By Refinus Castor

DzV — Municipal police officials from Verdenport say that an officer shot and killed 22-year old Ríothamur Atraviran, a Coscivian man on the night of the 19th in the Verdenport community of Spring West Estates. The officer claims it was done in self defense, that the man was uncooperative, and approached him with a knife. So far, authorities...
Derwad Wenves Zwallerkad

By: Lak Varawev

Two Victories

Cheering crowds entered the streets of Zwallerkad today as glorious news has reached the motherland about new victories in Guultryk. It seems that just now the situation in the colony was looking more grim than ever before, God intervened and saved the Third Kingdom’s Guultryker presence.

It all started when unexpectedly Grand Shield Njalzor Vözarzhel and his Punthite Expeditionary Force (PEF) finally emerged from the lands of the Northern Confederation which they had been traversing after crushing Tzihalchutl’s rebellion. Vözarzhel explained that the Northern Confederation had been entirely hostile towards his PEF...
Chimor sailors have today landed on a new land, previously untouched by western hands. The new aquisition (named for our Lady Reagent Juanita Peres) has a small population of around 15,000 who are members of small fishing communities with strict marital traditions among each other. So far they have not posed a problem to the sailors.

The island is believed to have been colonised due to the large amount of sustainable fishing grounds to it's north and beyond that the potential to set up an arctic research base.

Tazen to push for sole ownership of Central Punth Canal

SHOKINA — Following the condemnation of the Pukhtun heathens, His Most Holy Imperial Majesty, Tazen Jadek IV, has demanded that Vespia be given sole ownership over the Central Punth Canal. Constructed some years ago as a joint project between the Godrealm and two other heathen nations, the Tazen graciously permitted the construction of the canal, going so far as to provide warriors for protection, slaves for labor (ordered to pose as laborers), and treasure for loans, so as to assist with the canal's development. For all this, the Godrealm has been shorted...

Dmania prepares to scale up Anti-Slavery commitment

12 people have died and two are in custody following a firefight between armed police and foreign agents believed to be associated with a private company with ties to the Vespian government.
The two suspects are believed to have been apart of a larger squad tasked with recovering escaped slaves who were being sheltered in the town after a slave ship attempting to avoid Dmanian navy patrols ran aground. Although the identities of the deceased have yet to be released it has been confirmed that at least 6 were the shipwreck survivors who...

Headlines: Negotiations with the Southern Tribes begin……….PSEA launches a new Telescope in space……….Burgundie cargo ship attacked by Kandaran pirates in Audonian Sea

Sheenbagh Kala: A great gathering of the Southern tribes was held in Sheenbagh Kala (English: Fort Green Orchard). After the catastrophic events of the 13th Black November Harvest in which the Vespian Armies ruthlessly attacked the tribes committing genocide killing millions and taking millions of others into slavery. The world has risen in outrage at the incident with some countries like Helvianir and Amerigo taking military action against Vespian slavers. Pukhtuns have also risen in outrage...