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URCEOPOLIS- The "cultural consciousness" movement, which was most notably an undercurrent for the rise of Latin nationalism sparking the Latium crisis in recent years, has fully penetrated large portions of Urcean society as argued by a recent study. As some members of the Royalist party had argued, the study also suggested that attitudes between the newly nascent cultural groups are decidedly negative, giving rise to the potential for civic strife in the future.

The study identified three specific movements of cultural revival in Urcea; the Latinic, the Celtic, and the Germanic. The Latinic movement is generally the most prevalent in cities, on the shore of the...​

URCEOPOLIS- Rumors are circulating in Royal tabloids and online message forums that there has been a falling out between two important members of the Royal Family who also serve important functions in state.

The twenty year old twin brothers, Princes Henry and Leo, were evidently seen arguing over various issues in the large triumphal mall of the Pale in the past week and have ultimately returned to their respective titular holdings; Henry to Rexha, being Duke of Rexheim, and Leo to Castle Welute, being Guardian of the Gate of St. Michael. While the two younger brothers of the Emperor were known to be close friends in their mid-teenaged years, observers have noted the...​

KATRI rail lines will bring the continent closer together without the social strife of political union.

Kuhlfro-Kistani KATRI Rail Line Nearing Completion, Kiro-Kistani Bridge Planning Underway

The Unconquerable Heights have been conquered. Officials have reported that the long-awaited KATRI (Kilkas Alliance and Treaty Railway Initiative) line crossing the Invicta Alps from Kuhlfros into Kistan will be ferrying passengers and cargo by Spring. The rail, which was carved out through the mountainous terrain painstakingly, finished construction in May and has been undergoing testing prior to civilian use. The...

Daminskos stops in Nikapolul, capital of Pirveste, ahead of next week's federal elections.

Chancellor Daminskos Condemns “Confusing” Galtrasian Actions Against Ormata
[Dysikion (ICN)] With his first term as Chancellor ending at the end of this month, Ioannes Daminskos set out to again reassert Kommenori-Pirveste’s anti-war foreign policy objectives.

In an open letter...
Der Sturm
By Johannes Schmitt

War in Ghazi’Aayhan...Galtrasia Accuses Ormata of inspiring ‘Communist Coup’​

[Ghazi-Aay’han Canal] - War has begun!

As of Tuesday, warplanes from Varshan began to laugh a concise terror bombing campaign on Ghazi port areas, targeting civilian infrastructure and areas. Due to warning systems in-place and the eye of Pukh troops in the region, most civilians were brought to the shelters before the bombs and missiles dropped, though major Ormati military leaders have noted that Varshan employed bunker-busters in engaging these...
Taldus Security Solutions
News Talk

Ratification of Novumus Treaty
Following the increased tension, slipping control over the private sector and economic self-sustaining of the city. The infamous Razgriskm having formed a coalition of corporations as some sort of sleek governing body for the city previously has finally signed and enacted the treaty of Novumus, named affectionately after the previous failed government who had originally been responsible for the collapse of the...​
Yytuskian Inquiry

January 2028

(78th Edition)

III. Kampfgruppe on movements to Ghazi Canal amidst rumors of attack from Vespia

January 1st - Early this afternoon, Oberbefehlshaber der Streitkräfte Johannes Schmidt gave the order for the III. Kampfgruppe to set sail.

This order comes as Yytuskian and Helvaic media outlets have been getting unconfirmed reports from Ormata about Vespia attacking the canal. Alongside the III. Kampfgruppe will be the 3. Armee, and the XIII. Marine-Sturmabteilung in the event of an allied invasion of Vespia.

Premierfuhrer Eduard...
Perfidious Vespia

Mibb Todd, LoN ambassador​

Farpoint:Mibb Todd, Corumm's ambassador to the LoN has struck out at the Vespian regime. I an impromptu press conference Todd laid out the government's position to the ongoing Punth crisis started by Vespian action:

'We condemn the criminal actions of the equally criminal Vespian regime. Its continued defiance of international norms and arrogant threats pose a grave and intolerable danger. We will no longer swallow Vespian insults and false irredentist claims against Corummese or Chimor posessions in Punth and are prepared to act in defense of our rights.'

'In the past we have...

For several months now, there has been dramatic increase in activity and construction outside of the monastery of The Holy Trinity the base of Mt. Tabor, in the western reach. Rumor has it, there has been an unprecedented discovery of precious metals.

Following on these rumors came another rumor, last month, that an ecumenical council would be called at Rumenya to select a new King. The last king, King Benedict, ruled over 30 years ago and since his death in battle, no new king has been selected nor an ecumenical council been convened.

Last week a spokesman for the ruling Synod and deputy of the national patriarch spoke with us.

According to Father Ignatius "Ainarom has not been...
Smaller Parties Gain Seats

Markstone| Despite the stagnation that has held firm since the election of National Alliance Party candidate Parker Reynolds, the mold appears to have broken, with several fringe parties making gains in battleground union states.

While the Economic Liberal Party hasn't had any notability since it's candidate's defeat at the DNC in 2010, it appears to be slowly making gains, and not with single candidates either. Most surprisingly, in the province of Soban, while predominately conservative, has appeared to have given a generous 18 seats in the province. Gains in other...