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President Panzeker Passes

Former President Panzeker in an interview about the 2023 Kroatzein elections.
Haltorburg -- Adolf Panzeker, former Labor Party leader and President of Kronata renown for his hardline support for Democratic expansion, has died at the age of 54 in Haltorburg National Hospital due to complications of a lung surgery.

Panzeker is known for what supporters and critics alike called a 'tough humor' toward his opponents. During his 3 years in office he became the busiest President in Kronatan history, passing a record number of bills and...
Der Sturm
By Johannes Schmitt

Ormata Maneuvers to Block Vespian Flesh Industry in Crona​

[Zaidao Strait] - As Umcaran and Vespian relations become more tense, a new frontier has opened for Ormata to combat.

The slave trade in Punth has been covered extensively. Ranging to across the continent to areas the Vespian calls “Breeding Programs”, whose purpose is described in the title, the scope of this flesh trade is staggering. With nearly 223 million people in slavery, and 4.56 million births occurring annually, the trade in Punth is a massive ordeal that...

Property stolen from the Godrealm by armed heathens in Zaidao Strait

HOLY VESPIA — Slaveowners in the Godrelam are outraged by the loss of property stolen by the Umcaran infidels of Krona. Slaves passing through the Zaidao Strait bound for Vespia following their capture on a landmass east of the Sea of Orixtal, were stolen by the Umcaran forces, who took it upon themselves to violate Akai waters and board vessels of Holy Vespia. The imperial government has reimbursed the owners for their financial loss of exotic slaves, and has vowed to take steps to prevent such...
Human Traffickers passing through Zaidao Strait intercepted by Umcaran Navy & Coast Guard

Portland| Umcaran Maritime search teams have detained 20 human traffickers, and rescued 56 missing victims of human trafficking. None of which were found to be older than 24 years of age. 40 of which were females, and 16 of which were adolescent males. The identities of the victims are still being confirmed, and most of which are in critical condition and being nursed back to good health.

A gunfight broke out between Umcaran Maritime Search Operatives and the traffickers, in an exchange of fire,...
Vespian immigrant aggression on the rise
By Milan Amsing, HNN.

ARNEYM - Neighborhood residents of Koekamp in Arneym were rudely reminded that the problems of others sometimes affect their daily routines as a lone wolf Vespian held up a supermarket from Helmway. Police responded by showing up enlarge, forcing the Vespian immigrant to surrender to the law. Sadly, that isn't always the case and is a result of a larger problem.

The chimor embassy and foreign diplomacy ministry has today confirmed the detention of several chimor in Slakonian in relation to narcotics. Although legal in Chimoche the substances are prohibited by Slakonian law. Additionally the people were found with several firearms.

The ministry spokesman has stated, "We can only apologise for what these people have done to disrespect the law in an allied state, the fact that they would do so is an affront to Chimor values and we give free reign to the Slakonian authorities to deal with most of the perpetrators to the full extent of their laws.

We also would like to inform the Slakonians of the medical conditions of two of the Chimor there; Juan Carlos and Fatima Carlos, two twins with...

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives & Cults or BATFEC alongside with the Narcotics Combat Division on Thursday arrested twelve suspected cocaine dealers who were keeping inside their southwest Dykislav town Nis homes significant amounts of drugs, cash and a small arsenal of weapons, police said.

The arrest came after a four-month investigation into cocaine sales and distribution throughout Dykislav, police...

Saint Maurice post-Iron Wolf Lithuania government-in-exile flag​
Effectively exiled and watching the 'dissolution' of their homeland from abroad, the National Committee for Lithuania-in-Exile(Nacionalinis Komitetas Lietuva tremtyje) in Saint Maurice has been settled fully as the island's has been leased officially by the Slakonian government fully on a ceremony last Tuesday.

In the ceremony, the Minister-President; Donáldov Trumpόvič attended meeting with the entire cabinet of the Lithuanian government-in-exile and the Ormati delegation. In retrospect of the mixed attendants there were high spirits among the people. The Minister-President made a speech: "We are happy, that we...
Expansion Phase 3 "Already Underway"

Construction underway on the new Mittelinsel Naval Base.

Drovan -- The Foreign Ministry announced today that Kronata has begun Phase 3 of its expansion plan. The plan, called the National Territorial Engagement Plan (NTEP), was started by former President Volker as a way to increase Kronata's influence in the Aquilonem Ocean. Phase 1 of this plan was undertaken in 2024 when federal forces took the islands of Westinsel and Mittelinsel. Phase 2 was devised under President Keissenger in early 2026, originally with the intention of taking both Eizer Insel and the now...
Corumm welcomes Hekuvian appropriation initiative

Hekuvian ambassador Austanus Vabasinus with Foreign Minister Merin Rugong​

Mirzak: The Corummese government has expressed its total support for the Hekuvian appropriation initiative announced in the Hekuvian Senate by Imperator Constantinus. The Foreign Minister gave ambassador Austanus Vabasinus strong assurances of Corummese support for the issue both within the Western League and at the League of Nations. The Federal Parliament also passed a motion in support of Hekuvian...