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Faramount Proposes Arms Ban
Urceopolis -- The Faramanian government proposed a landmark arms agreement yesterday, calling for a global ban on chemical, biological, and other "unconscionable" weapons.

Faramanian Prime Minister Giorgio Jacobi formally submitted the "Convention Banning Unconscionable Weapons" to the League of Nations today. The proposed agreement would ban a series of particularly heinous arms including chemical and biological weapons. The treaty would also require nations to design anti-personnel land mines, booby-traps, and cluster munitions to self-destruct after a period of time, so as to avoid harm to civilians. The pact would be...
Umcara Decomissions 352 Nuclear Warheads​

Cambridge AFB | In several military and government press releases, the Umcaran government has made an unanticipated move to decommission 352 nuclear warheads from it's inventory. Destruction began on November 1, 2027, however was not declassified or released to the public until December. A total of 703 nuclear weapons still remain in Umcaran strategic weapons stores according to the Umcaran Navy and Air Force. However according to Wikileaks, there are a total of 801 nuclear weapons still in inventory, reserve and active duty...

Grand Republic News Network Issue #4
Your First Choice for Anything Kuhlfros

They Make Ready For War
By Helena Schmidt
[Above^^President Engel and Secretary of Defense Carrow walking together to meet Kistani Officials]
Adenborough- Tensions are high across the Levantine Sea as Vespian agression reaches what many consider a 'breaking point'. The rougish state has long been a subject of ire and controversy and it has, along with the Punthite continent been has been in the limelight recently, including...
Local News Bulletin

Burgundian Adtaran, Kingdom of Latium- A prison riot broke out overnight in the newly acquired Burgraviate of Adtaran. The Burgraviate was transferred to Great Prince Kliebold IV following the decisive victory over the recalcitrant Caesar of the failed Latinian state.

Local law enforcement have asked for support from the Revenue Guard's Vectigal Praesidio Imperium (Imperial Revenue Guard), a unit created as a response to the violence in Latium last year. The VPI arrived on...
The Coffee Alliance:

General Juanita Peres has today returned from Alexandria, Insui to negotiate an alliance. The so called Coffee alliance, named after the largest shared export of the two nations, means that no tariffs shall be put on the goods of Insui within the Empire and Imperial goods will be tariff free in Insui. The alliance also has a military bent; if one of the two states is attacked by one or more foreign aggressors then they shall support one another. This is heralded as one of the most important agreements in Imperial history, second only to the Western alliance, perhaps the most evident demonstration being General Peres, the second most powerful person in the empire as the de facto head of the military council, going...

International News

Ghazi-Aay’han Canal- Kliebold has come out in support of direction action against the Vespian state. He has pledged to provide logistics to the Helvianirian Navy as Burgundie prepares its own response. To wit, the Burgundian Foreign Legion was activated earlier this morning in AyerSee, 45,000 local militiamen were activated to join a force of 15,000 Sparrows on Midthavet, one of the Burgundian islands in the "deep Levantine Ocean" and the front line against Vespian oppression.

Zaidao Strait- Operation Whitewaters has...
War Looms Over Ghazi Canal
ZANZA -- The Vespian Empire appeared on the verge of war today with Helvianir, Ormata, Yytuskia, and Pukhtun over control of the Ghazi-Aay'han Canal.

The Vespian regime committed itself this month to seizing sole control of the canal, which connects the Levantine and Aquilonem Oceans. The Vespian government previously jointly administered the strategically significant waterway with the five other nations of the Maritime League, a multinational organization dedicated to free trade. But Vespian Emperor Jadek IV declared that arrangement untenable last week, stating that Vespia, as the dominant power in Punth, deserved sole...
Yytuskian Inquiry

November 2027

(77th Edition)


Premierfuhrer Schoenburg promises assistance to Ormati allies; Oberkommando das Heeres puts forth call for General Mobilization of 3. Armee and III. Kampfgruppe


Premierfuhrer Schoenburg promises involvement in Vespia...
The King has sent an invitation to all nations to send delegations for his upcoming nuptials with Princess Katia of the joint thrones of Puebo and Castiana (https://m.imgur.com/WnCxJ9z?r).

Dear esteemed guest,
I King Falcao IX of the second Gato dynasty, King of Chimoche, High Chief of Porlos and Protector of the Empire, warmly invite you to the Chimor capital of Cha Chan to my palace in order to witness the wedding of myself and Princess Katia. Please return this invitation to the national Chimor embassy or government building to inform the state as to whether you will be present or not.
Elsewhere in the news:
•Porlos plebiscite vote...
Der Sturm
By Johannes Schmitt

Vespia Advances on Ghazi-Aay’han Canal, Pukh & Helvianir Prepare Response. Ormata Pledges Warships in Defense of Canal...Ormata Purchases Battlecruisers from Yytuskia​

[Ghazi-Aay’han Canal] - As Vespia prepares troops to take the Ghazi’Aayhan Canal, the Maritime League has responded.

The Vespian Emperor, Tazen Jadek IV, has stated that he will be pushing for sole control of the Canal, which has for some time been operated by the Maritime League for the betterment of all. While some talks have reportedly occurred, the leader has...