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Cambrèsis and her Alliance of the Popular Right are the expected winners

SAINT-MARIE - As voters head to the polls tonight, exit polls have predicted Prime Minister Camille Royal's National Rally of Liberals (RNL) to descend into a so-called 'death spiral.'

The exit poll, conducted by the pan-Audonian political watchdog and polling group Liberté, has concluded that the Alliance of the Popular Right (APD) will replace RNL as the largest party in the National Assembly, with Adélaïde Cambrèsis (APD-Coërville) becoming the next Prime Minister,...
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Castellum ab Alba:
Imperial Office confirmed this morning at a press briefing that Emperor Jason Augustus and his wife, Sophie Augusta will be getting divorced. This announcement came with the Emperor still being present in Ravenna, where he has been for the last month. Prior to the announcement, speculation was running wild on the number of reasons the Emperor has been absent from the capital and increasingly governing from the Villa Ravennae, repeatedly summoning Senate Leadership to the city along with the entire Cabinet.

While many are surprised at the announcement, it is not the most shocking thing to occur during Jason Augustus' reign, given the previous media...
"Legend of Komatsuhime" hits the screens!
Among the echoes of praises and criticism, the new movie causes political debates.

Ghantish actress Joxepa Karadogui portraying Komatsuhime as the legend moves into big screen.


ISHIKAWA - 17.08.2024

The "Legend of Komatsuhime", an ecranisation of Nihonese national epic from 17th century recently produced by Ishikawa Film House under direction of Arata...​
Kronata Helps Found a New Alliance
League of Alvar Nations Announces to the World

DROVAN -- President Volker has announced today that he has been in talks with nearby nations Rapallo and Regnium about forming an alliance for New World nations. He told the nation, "We have been working closely to insure that everything is as fair as possible for all states involved, and our work is very close to coming to fruition." He also went on to thank the representatives from Rapallo and Regnium for their cooperation and dedication to, "seeing this project to its unveiling."

The Alliance, from what was announced, is currently made up...

Increased cries for action to be taken in Koalitia has caught the attention of many national news outlets. The situation in Koalitia, the ethnically Regnian region to the south of Tazmin Bay, has been slowly deteriorating as it's government loses it's effectiveness. Riots are becoming more frequent and many Regnians are fearing for their relative's safety. Many people are demanding for Regnium to intervene.

Regnian Foreign Minister Marcus Von Strauss had this to say about the situation:

"The people of Koalitia have been neglected for too long. It's time a stronger government to take control of the situation and fix...
Disgruntled Tablevanian Military Officers Storm Royal Palace, Calling for Abdication of King and Queen in Favor of a New Emperor

Royals uninjured, several members of the Royal Guard sent to the hospital after the riots.

Very early in this morning in the Tablevanian capital of Shnetoblisk, a group of disillusioned young cadets from the Tablevanian military academy south of Shnetoblisk marched on the capitol to the centuries-old royal palace in the center of the city in protest of the king’s recent actions. They claim his dissolution of the nation’s legislative body earlier this year was a swift move towards neo-absolutism and his appointment of what his critics call “A shill” as chancellor only made the situation worse....
Biggest Party Merger In Krizovatkan History!

Veneziano_ Us at KNC have just gotten the word from Zlato that two of our parties, the Islamic Party of Great Krizovatka, and the Orthodox Christian Party of Great Krizovatka, have just signed a deal with the Senatory Party of Great Krizovatka to merge into one incredibly large Freedom Party of Great Krizovatka. At 57% of the Congress, the Freedom Party will be the largest political party in Krizovatka since our great nation was annexed by the Fakolan Empire.

The Beloved Leader has announced his support for the event, "The reason we have a Congress is to give the people a chance to tell me if I do wrong. As long as the Freedom Party is willing to perform...

Chi Long Qua, military governor of Corummese Punth

Prezdek: The rapid expansion of the Corummese territory of Cotis has been touted as a shining example of the peaceful propagation of the values of the Republic. However it has not been without its setbacks, most of them caused by native pig headed ignorance and subhuman tendencies. The recently appointed Governor of Cotis, General Chi Long Qua, has announced a campaign of military retaliation against several belligerent eastern tribes from the vaguely defined 'Wild Lands'. The announcement comes in the wake...
Krizovatkan Fighter Jet Goes Missing!


Bixel_ Just yesterday The Krizovatkan Fighter Jet KLWK 027 was performing a routine flyover high in the skies above the Dwemer Gulf. The jet was last pinged at 44 Degrees Latitude and 1 Degree Longitude at 23:32 Zlato Time. The cause of the disappearance is unknown, and the last verbal message back to the Krizovatkan Luftwaffe was, "All [clear]. Weather clear." quoth the pilot.

The Beloved Leader has not made a remark or address about the disappearance. The Senatory Party has already jumped into action, declaring a vow to fund the search project. Our newest party, the Satanist Party, has also volunteered funding,...
Prince Devely establishes a Parliament​

In a national speech regarding the progress of governmental reforms, Prince James indicated his intention to create a form of Parliament for the nation.

"I believe it is our best interest to better represent our citizens. The people of this nation know what they want and wish to be heard. Creating this new body of self governance, which will be known as the Consilium, will provide Regnians with a method voicing those opinions, which will enable me to better serve you."

Already, citizens are organizing, forming political parties in preparation for the first ever National legeslative elections, expected to be held some time in the next year.

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