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Dangelia Secure
Vasseur "[Glad] that we can end any unnecessary bloodshed"

The Prime Minister has ended Operation Enduring Security, with occupation zones along the Dangelian coastline resulting
SAINT-NAZAIRE - Prime Minister David Vasseur has announced the end of the shortlived Operation Enduring Security, which reportedly reached all of its goals in the last few days after securing multiple ports on the southern coast and extending across the far-west of Dangelia, near Saint-Genis-Laval. The operation, undertaken by the Imperial Military in response to apparent Dangelian terrorism, had the goals of securing Dangelian coastline...

"Unacceptable aggression" from the G.U.C.

Akatoshi government demands immediate ceasefire in the Holding

-Akatoshi Armed forces have begun mobilising​

Joint press conferences have been held by the First Steward, Foreign Minister and Minister of Defence to address the increasing belligerence of the G.U.C. against the Holding-Akatos' only land based neighbour. The annoucnement was made last night that the descision had been made with the Lord Protector to issue orders for the mobalisation of the Akatoshi Armed forces, in...
Assets Move Into Dangelia
'Actions Being Taken to Avert War' - Vasseur

The HIMS Teresa of Ghant and her carrier group, en route to the Dangelian coast
SAINT-OUEN-L'AUMÔNE - Assets of the Imperial Navy, Army, and Air Force have moved into Dangelian waters, lands, and airspace as Prime Minister David Vasseur, with the explicit endorsement of Emperor Audric, has announced the seizure of so-called 'dangerous and incendiary' terrorist related areas along the southern coast as well as much of western Dangelia. A no-fly zone has been declared across northern Cassone by both the King of Cassone and the Emperor, and a no-fly zone is...

'Five-Year Power Plan' Announced

In this years' Potential Regulatory Imperial Strategy and Maintenance meeting (PRISM), quite a buzz was made between the Council and Senate over a daring new plan to reportedly make Kistan a regional power in the space of five mere years. The data regarding the idea that caused an uproar in the confidential conference was leaked by an unknown source, although popular opinion holds that it was intentionally let out as a popularity tactic.

Apparently, the NIR Bill passed three weeks prior to the meeting is already a part of this international power play, along with the reorganization of the military for colonial...

09:00 AM, 09-08-2015 5E

The HNN Special Report leader started and Saana appeared on the screen
"Welcome to a live special report from HNN here in Mjölnir City! Indeed we are not in the studio, but we build one here on Akatosh Square in Mjölnir City."

The screen then showed the overnight construction of the mobile studio and a few BTS facts for over 25 minutes

"Today, we will see a lot, the Jarls will conclude their moot and announce the new High King, he will then be crowned, and tonight there is a live open-air concert in Lorwynne! Throughout the nation festivals have been organized, the nation still mourns a bit for the loss of Dedrick, but the people want...
Yytuskian Inquiry

August 8th, 2015
(47th Edition)

General-Secretary Gotthard Bergmann Decrees Felixio Hernandia to be Ruled Under the Reichskommissariat; Promises Changes to Social and Economic for the Felixian People as well as Yytuskians
The beginning of this week has dropped a rather interesting bomb upon the Yytuskian population, as General-Secretary Gotthard Bergmann decreed today, after a late night vote on Sunday which won 265 - 30 with 5 abstainers, that the now capitulated nation of Felixio Hernandia would become controlled underneath the "Reichskommissariat", or the "Realm Commissariat". The...

Ilona Csonka at the Hallingberg Botanical Gardens to announce the annexation

HALLINGBERG - After a lengthy period of tense negotiation, Prime Minister Ilona Csonka has announced today that the Kuzyrian threat has been eliminated and all territory has been integrated as a Luxish territory.

The peace treaty, named the ''Peace of Kapsovár'', has formally annexed Kuzyria into Luxew as an overseas territory, with some autonomy, despite its proximity to the main land. It also created the Luxish variants of important cities and locations; Kuzyria itself is now ''Kuserien'' and Qassad ''Kaßed." However, the treaty also...

URCEOPOLIS- Chancellor Reed today spoke out indicating support for North Amerigo's war against Byrazi and other states of the Islamabad Union, stating that the nation's prayers "are for the people of Amerigo" and that "every true Urcean recognizes the challenges that Amerigo face before them, and stand with them spiritually and morally in this conflict". These comments come as a departure from the Johnson administration's diplomatic tone with the UIF-led Islamabad Union, states that the President had previously called "allies", and a return to the late President Witte's "hardball-style diplomacy" with the Islamic world.

The Chancellor's comments, the first major...

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