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Port de Vent City, Port de Vent- As the dramatic announcement of the Corummese tariffs on Palmerian and Insuian goods hit Burgundie the government was quick to call for "cautious and purposeful action" to resolve the crisis. The Foreign Secretary Evangeline Bissole called a press conference within the hour to address the issue....
President Panzeker Passes

Former President Panzeker in an interview about the 2023 Kroatzein elections.
Haltorburg -- Adolf Panzeker, former Labor Party leader and President of Kronata renown for his hardline support for Democratic expansion, has died at the age of 54 in Haltorburg National Hospital due to complications of a lung surgery.

Panzeker is known for what supporters and critics alike called a 'tough humor' toward his opponents. During his 3 years in office he became the busiest President in Kronatan history, passing a record number of bills and...
Expansion Phase 3 "Already Underway"

Construction underway on the new Mittelinsel Naval Base.

Drovan -- The Foreign Ministry announced today that Kronata has begun Phase 3 of its expansion plan. The plan, called the National Territorial Engagement Plan (NTEP), was started by former President Volker as a way to increase Kronata's influence in the Aquilonem Ocean. Phase 1 of this plan was undertaken in 2024 when federal forces took the islands of Westinsel and Mittelinsel. Phase 2 was devised under President Keissenger in early 2026, originally with the intention of taking both Eizer Insel and the now...
Yytuskian Inquiry

June 2027

(76th Edition)

Massive explosion rips apart Ostenfelden nuclear power plant; one hundred dead as radiation spews

June 27th - Early this morning, a large blast ripped apart a Mannerheim power plant, prompting General-Secretary of Internal Affairs Tizian Böhm to announce a state of emergency.

The blast was centred around Ostenfelden’s nuclear power plant, in northeastern Mannerheim, and went off near Reactor 4. It has been confirmed that the explosion was a result of a terrorist attack, aimed at destroying Yytuskian infrastructure.

Already, emergency...
Imperator Constantinus just delivered a bombshell to the Imperial Senate. In a totally surprising move, Imperator Constantinus revealed a bill that would annex land on the southern Hekuvian border.

It seems that Imperator Constantinus is determined to carve out his name in a way that his predecessor could not. After announcing a set of reforms to the Imperial Ministry of Technology last week, many Senators revealed that the Imperator would be releasing much more ministerial reform in the coming weeks. As the Senate was called this morning, however, it became glaringly clear that the Imperator had a different agenda.

The Senate session began with Imperator Constantinus...
Imperator Constantinus called a Senate session earlier this week to discuss reforms across some of the ministries of the Imperium. The Ministry of Technology was the focus of the first session, where the Imperator outlined a new broader mission, as well as rearranging some of the components. The Ministry of Technology will still maintain and update the government's technological infrastructure, oversee the spread of technical information between guilds, and establish the standards of measurement for all scientists and engineers working in the Imperium.

In addition, a new division will be created within the Ministry of Technology to focus specifically on the digital and online sectors, which will include digital currencies and...
Cilistia News | News & Politics
Written by Theophen Marcianus

In an effort to spread Imperial Catholicism, Imperator Constantinus recently announced that he is planning to send 600 missionaries across the Audonian Ocean to the continent of Punth. This effort is the first wave of many, according to Church officials, with the final goal being able to establish an archdiocese and subsequent Archbiship of Punth. Cardinal Gellienus of Voconia Province has been chosen to lead this historic first wave to Punth and already has talked with natives near the Gulf of Kandara, the landing place of the first missionaries.

This announcement comes at an interesting time. According to...