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Hello everyone,

Today is a very special day for Ixnay. 14 years ago, on July 7th, 2003, the first record we have of Ixnay's existence was created. We can reasonably assume that this was the day that Max Barry himself birthed Ixnay from his bosom, creating the region that would eventually become the cesspool we know and love today. To celebrate, we're giving away ₡100.00 the first time you log on today! We've also changed the logo to reflect on the previous delegates of the region.

You may notice a pretty substantial change in the website from a week ago. Our development director and resident coke head Heku has been hard at work fixing the mess he created and making us a new website style after realizing everything was broken beyond repair. This new theme, dubbed Ixnay II, features a new tile style for the forums, profile sidebar showing population, and an experimental credits system still being worked on. Let's hope Heku doesn't break this one too.

We've also been working on a very important project that will be coming up very soon. After talking to the community and taking a look at the state of the region's lore, the staff has decided to host a Lore Conference. In this Lore Conference we will try to work through various areas and topics of the lore to solidify it, mesh it together, and come out with something at least semi-cohesive. We want to be transparent about the things we're discussing, and so we're doing two things. Right now, as a member of the community, you may contribute to the conference agenda by submitting a topic to the Lore Summit Parameters Thread, which is open until July 10th for suggestions.

After the Summit Parameters Thread closes, we will then begin the conference. This conference will include only select members of the community, but will be viewable by anyone in the region as it unfolds on the forum. We hope this will make these lore changes easier and more inclusive.

I would also like to take this time to welcome all of the new members that have joined our region recently. Due to a telegram campaign by our esteemed revered cordial founder, we've gotten quite the influx of new nations. One such new nation, Lykens, will even be joining some of the IxElders at the discussion table during the lore conference. Welcome to Ixnay!

We will report in soon with the results of the lore conference. Until then, remember to leave your suggestions in the thread.

Vice Delegate Kron