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In Picture: Moderate soldiers of the now extinct Colonial Garrison of Skopiros, who will now form the basis of the Free Island of Skopiros' army. Experts say their influence in political matters will be large, as the Free Island continues Ferratan tradition of filling the Senate -the executive branch of the new government- with able military men.

After hours of negotiation, the formation of a civil government in the island of Skopiros was formalized. Juggling the detailed needs of moderate and war-weary factions of the three fronts hostile to the Democratic Front of Skopiros, the Ferratan envoys succesfully formed the basis of the constitution and government structure of the fledgling nation.

The island of Skopiros fell into an anarchic state after its colonial overlord fell out of grace. With various fronts fighting for dominance over the island. But the negotiations ensured that the new government would receive the support of the majority of the island's militias and remaining armed forces. "Whatever few violent stragglers remain shall be detained for their hostility towards peaceful resolution of the island's conflicts." declared General Quintus, who had been sent to lead the expeditionary force of the Free Land of Pons Ferrata in the island.

It is expected that the communist faction of the Skopiros' People's Front (SPF) will commence hostilities soon, as well as some stragglers of the Colonial Garrison of Skopiros, which had formed a military junta to govern the island. Both faction have declared their old, more moderate allies "traitors to the cause and dead men" and announced that they "would fight until the bitter end against foreign invaders".

Back at home, the Free Land of Pons Ferrata congratulated their envoys in their mission's success. High Councillor Alberto Stefano gave a speech to the nation, saying that "democracy had triumphed today" and that "the people of Skopiros would be guided to a bright future by their new democratic republican government".

Experts consider that the island of Skopiros has too many ideological tensions to have a strong and stable democratic government without heavy Ferratan intervention, all of them agree that the new Free Island of Skopiros could be considered an "integral part of Ferratan territory, all matters considered". Detractors call this move a "breach of the people of Skopiros' right to self-determination" and consider that "the new state is a military junta under orders of Ferratan officials". The Ferratan Government has denied all of these accusations and consider them baseless.