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1024px-Ateneul_Roman_1.jpg From the steps of the Holy Immortal Cathedral in Rumenya's Old Quarter, Patriarch Maximos read forth a proclamation on behalf of the Holy Synod proclaiming the upcoming coronation of a new King of Ainarom.

For foreign observers, this paper will note that while Ainarom is called a Kingdom in all official correspondence, there is no ruling family, and instead, kings are appointed during times of need by the Holy Synod, which generally runs the business of state government.

The proclamation did not mention the time and date of the coronation, though the invitations that are assuredly going out to foreign heads of state, will be more specific.

It is expected that the leaders (or appointed representatives) from fellow orthodox powers such of Wexter, Elyria, Slakonian, Kommenori, Cseyria, Poritemenskaya, Civisia & Mitisia and Vahltunskh will be invited as well as leaders from non-orthodox nations that Ainarom enjoys good relations with which is presumed to include Kiravia, Heku and Faramount. Notably absent from anyones expected guest list would be anyone from Levantia, particularly Urcea and any state of the HLE.

Even though this is a time of peace, local town Mayors and county Sheriffs all across Ainarom have reportedly already begun summoning up the various militias and bringing mothballed equipment out of storage.

The dockyards of Rumenya harbor have been active at night, keeping awake local residents with the sounds of metalworking and construction.

Orders for goods in the name of the King have gone out in bulk across the Kingdom.

Rumors abound most especially regarding who will be picked as king.

The Holy synod will meet in secret for several weeks once all its members gather. This proclamation officially begins that period of gathering.

All bishops in Ainarom, no matter their health, will be expected to attend. Any one of them may be elevated, though often in Ainaromian history, members of the military orders have been selected, most of whom are only monks and priests.

Only time will tell what may happen. For more news on these topics please keep reading the Ainaromian Free Beacon.