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In Picture: A Ferratan soldier poses for a photo with a militia squad of the DFS.

Today, armed forces of the Free Land of Pons Ferrata have docked into the port of Heratras in the island of Skopiros, internationally known as 'Sudland'. General Lucius Quintus and Councillor Robertus Cattio met with the governor of of the Democratic Front of Skopiros or DSF, Antiphates Loukas, to offer complete military and economic support to the faction which Councillor Cattio referred to as the "Freedom Fighters" of Skopiros in a press conference later on.

The move came after the House of Councillors, the main governing body of the Free Land of Pons Ferrata, approved the country's intervention in the colony of Sudland, whose overlord collapsed earlier this month. In order to "guarantee the democratic process in the formation of a new ruling body for the peoples of Skopiros". Ferratan embassies are still awaiting diplomatic responses from other countries, but expect most to be positive or neutral.

The island of Skopiros fell into an anarchic state after its colonial overlord fell out of grace. With various fronts fighting for dominance over the island. Negotiations tomorrow are expected to bring the conflict to an end, as the DSF's victory has been sealed by the arrival of more than 25.000 Ferratan soldiers to the island. But the situation remains delicate, and could quickly spiral down into all-out war between all of the fronts.