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Chancellor Maesent at a recent event celebrating bonds between Kiravian and Azikorian farmers

The Azikorian Ministry of External Affairs has released an official statement, declaring the United Municipalities's support for Kiravia's jurisdiction over the islands of Wintergen and Xaldun, "illegally occupied by the corrupt hyper-capitalist Burgundien regime and the miscegenated Anglo-Turkic Tudorvid Sultanate respectively." According to the release, Azikoria extends "full and immediate recognition of and respect for Kiravian sovereignty within all territorial regions where it is threatened," further asserting that "the right of nations to police and administer their own territory is the cornerstone of international order and modern diplomacy between all supposedly Christian and civilized states. The unchecked expansionism of certain nations in flagrant violation of international norms and law is a threat to peace which cannot be underestimated."

The statement's context is significant, with Chancellor Maesent traveling on a state visit to Kartika next week, where he will meet with Andrus Candrin, executive of the Federation. Additionally, in recent months the Chancellor has been photographed meeting with several high-level Kiravian diplomats and businessmen, including at lunch with shipping magnate Riotharius Kavardin and a dinner date with Arvandus Istrasvagen.

Though cultural ties and a sense of archipelagic solidarity has always contributed to a sense of amicability, Azikoria's growing diplomatic and economic significance, alongside common interests in Punth, have led to a rebirth of ties in recent years, marked by the cyclic growth of economic and cultural interdependence alongside state cooperation. Kiravia was a major supporter of Azikoria's anti-slavery bill in the League of Nations, and Kiravian consumers have played a major role in reviving flagging sales for the wool-export and spadiculture (potato growing and potato alcohol manufacturing) industries. For its part, Azikorian tourists have been a major source of income for many interior states of the Kiravian Federacy, otherwise ignored by foreign visitors. Between farmers of both countries, there are discussions of forming a pan-national lobbying and self-regulating organization, and several federal subjects have established relations and opened local consulates. Both countries have also made missionary work in Punth a major priority, and have suffered attacks by Punthite pirates upon shipping. Thus, Punth will certainly be a major topic of discussion between Executive and Chancellor, and (judging from the content of the Ministry's declaration) the future of relations with Kiravia's major shipping rival, Burgundie.

Foreigners would do well to take note.