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The Varago is the first of Kistan's three Varago-class light carriers. Commissioned in 1989, many say it's time for a newer model to take to the seas.

Senate Votes to End Council Rule by Fiat

A motion in the senate today passed 191-10-49 (Y/N/A) to call for an end to the decades-long grip of the Grand Council, formerly the Council of High Lords, over the internal affairs of the State.

"While it cannot be disputed that the rule of the current Council has been largely balanced and in the interests of the nation as a whole, it's time to make good on their promise of handing full legal authority back to the Senate," said Senate Arbitrator Michael Rosoret about the bill. "It's about time we finished the transition from a monarchy to a republic, and the junta has agreed to hold elections for a new executive -- which may be the office of 'Despot', but will still be elected."

After elections are completed for a new national leader, the Council is expected to hand over military power to the Despot-elect and cease the use of its power to pass laws.

Navy to Scuttle Outdated Carriers

Army High Command announced Thursday that it would be replacing three of the navy's four aircraft carriers as construction permitted. A spokesperson noted that the three light carriers of Kistan's ocean-going forces are nearly forty years old, and can no longer handle modern aircraft to par with military regulations.

A new class of light carrier may require significant expense: new advances need to be built into a ship rather than added on during remodeling, meaning a small carrier will have even less space for actual aircraft. However, cost reports by the AHC imply that a new class of light carrier would see seven ships enter service as the three old vessels are retired or sold to smaller nations. Several production firms have already made offers for a new wave of small multirole craft for dedicated use by the new warships.

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