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Punitive tariffs imposed on Palmerian/Insuian goods

Mibb Todd, Foreign Secretary​

Mirzak- Citing increasing concerns about widespread reports on the use of child labor by Palmerian and Insuian industries, the Foreign Ministry has announced the unilateral imposition of a special 30% tariff on all products originating from Palmeria or Insui. The measure is being implemented to encourage foreign companies to take a more humane approach in their labor practices and also to protect Corummese industries from disloyal competition. Corummese business associations have long complained of dishonest foreign competition who use inferior materials and offer low remuneration to their employees in order to gain an edge.

Consumer protection groups have rapidly come out to endorse the move, citing several product scandals in recent years. The Gimying Consumer Council is currently suing palmerian powdered milk maker Melitas over traces of rat poison on its products and three of its distribution centers were shut down last year. Insui's Café Royal is also facing scrutiny over complaints that its coffee was contaminated with rat droppings.

The Foreign Ministry noted that while consumers might have to lose out on certain goods, local alternatives were readily available. It also explained that the lifting of the measure was conditional on Palmerian and Insuian entities complying with Corummese market regulations.