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Today Foreign Relations Chancellor, Sofìa Cuello, dismissed Corummese accusations of child labor in palmerian industries as “mere ridiculous slander from the corummese officials”.

Foreign Relations Chancellor Sofìa Cuello​

When Cuello was presented a question on the recent accusation from Foreign Secretary Mibb Todd, the Chancellor simply stated:

“Yes, the Foreign Relations Ministry has taken notice of these accusations, and to the best of our knowledge these are nothing more than mere ridiculous slander from the corummese officials. Palmeria is at large the most preoccupied nation on the matter of forced labor, child labor and inhuman work conditions. It would be incredibly useful to have detailed information on these alleged “widespread reports on the use of child labor by Palmerian and Insuian industries”.

Cuello later continued to point out that, if these cases of child labor in palmerian managed industries are true, it is only by the nature of the corummese law framework that these can exist.

“Time and time again we have pointed out that these legal regimes are to be wiped out from the continent, yet the corummese officials have never adapted”, stated Cuello. “Instead, they decided to unilaterally impose a tariff on palmerian imports”

Finally, the Chancellor urged the corummese government to erase the newly stablished tariff on palmerian goods.

“The corummese government must take down this tariff immediately and take active action over the nature of its labor market”, ended the Chacellor.