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The National Revolutionary Army reports this Monday that its soldiers killed four suspected saboteurs who attempted to cross into the nationally-administered part of Likashir at the unofficial border dividing the disputed territory with NCR. The shootout happened early hours of the morning when soldiers guarding the border known as the Line of Control intercepted the armed men near the village of Nigar, 40 kilometres northeast of the city of Teran.

"The four infiltrators were killed after an exchange of fire, their bodies and all their weapons have also been recovered," said NRA spokesman, Major Rajesh Kalisty, told the State News. The incident came after a day of violence in the area that has been marred by local clashes that left eight NRA soldiers dead and nearly a dozen of their NCR counterparts.

In response to the "provocation", NCR will close shops and schools tommorow, inclduing the suspension of public transportation as separatist leaders oppose Reçêpistan's recreated standing army as a "violation of post-Quds War treaties" but in response the Permanent United Front; the ruling coalition of the country stands firm on it's commitment not implementing these vile treaties that gave way to corruption and decadence into the country. NCR issue remains unsolved and vehemently contested between the Social Republic of Reçêpistan & the North Corummese Republic.

Authorities, fearing more firefights in the coming days, as the NRA will make military exercise near the area after months of planning. Around 50,000 will be deployed in the region for the coming exercise while NCR military increases it's presence as a response. Time will tell if the violence escalates.