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Vilauristre- Following the unprovoked muckraking of Azikorian Ministry of External Affairs, the Azikorian diplomatic crops has been expelled from Burgundie. The move comes after a three week long back channeling effort that failed to encourage the Azikorian government from changing its position on the government of Wintergen.

Background- In the 1820s a bark beetle blight devastated the Isle of Burgundie and the land it had occupied during its war of independence. Desperate to maintain its shipbuilding capability a group of Burgundians occupied Wintergen and took over its timber camps. Following the victory in its independence war, Burgundy accepted the calls for the annexation of Wintergen by the leaders of the occupation movement and the Burgundians who had flocked there in search of work.

Kirav denounced the annexation and a pseudo-war persisted throughout much of the rest of the 1800s, during which time an active government-in-exile was established in Valēka. By the time Kiro-Burgundian relations were formally normalized in 1974 the Stewardship of Wintergen had become a primarily ceremonial posting, however its existance was a clear indicator that the nations had not yet settled the question of sovereignty in Wintergen completely.

Azikorian diplomatic staff removing files from their Embassy in Vilauristre. -ABP

Results of the upset- With the current state of Azo-Burgundian affairs being tense over a series of incidents regarding a parcel of land that the Burgundian Royal Family purchased last year in Azikoria, the expulsion of the Azikorian diplomatic corps is likely the beginning. Rumors have spread that the KilPatrick Ranger Regiment of the Burgundian Foreign Legion, stationed in Wintergen have been activated to supplement the Gendarmerie nacional in a defenseive posture on the island. It is also noted that there is a joint Naval/Revenue Guard military base in Wintergen, making it an incredibly militarily important province to Burgundie.

It remains to be seen how Azikoria will respond to the expulsion of their diplomats.

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