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Vilauristre- The conflict with Azikoria has heightened as a recent leak of government communications confirm that the image we posted in the previous bulletin was not, in fact, Azikorian officials removing files from the Embassy, but a team of Burgundian federal agents absconding with sensitive Azikorian dossiers on Burgundian high-ranking officials. The leaked emails detail that the Burgundian Agency for Criminal Investigation (BACI) posed as movers to conceal their theft. The great prince immediately distanced himself from the event and asked the global community for calm for further clarification of the events. The team has been identified and are currently undergoing an internal review, but many across Burgundie and Ixnay are demanding an independent inquiry.

Drovan- The Board of Army Purchasing as just announced a joint project with the Yytuskian company Titen-Speer to adapt its Grizzly M1A into a 8X8 wheeled tank. The Army is only now entering the development stage, which is expected to last until the winter of 2031, after which a limited production run of 15 vehicles have been ordered. Sources close to the deal state that the Army of Burgundie is looking to procure between 50-100 of these modified Grizzlies in total, but that the completion of the order isn't likely until 2035.

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