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Kilikas Sea Naval Station, Northern Command- In a break from almost 125 years of naval tradition, the Board of Naval Procurement and Maintenance has announced they will purchase 15 light/medium surface warfare vessels from Monteangeline Steelmill and Works. The purchase represents the first time that the Navy has purchased a surface warfare combatant not made by a Burgundian chantier.

The news was met with shock and dismay by many across Burgundie, especially investors in O'Shea and Doppel Gangway. Many are confused by the government's move because most in the nation believe that the world's best shipyards reside in Burgundie. Protests against the decision were held at shipyards across the country and its thalassocracy.

In a joint press conference with the Naval High Command and the Great Prince, both parties expressed his support for Burgundian workers and Burgundian shipyards. Great Prince Christensen closed the conference with the following words.

The royal government supports the decision of the Navy not to narrow its scope in procurement to the shores of our nation. The threats of the 21st century are numerous and developing at a pace we are still working to match. There is no reason to be concerned that the shipyards of Burgundie will suffer as a result. As we transition our navy to meet the needs of a modern Burgundie and the world-at-large we find that other companies are able to meet those needs more immediately. Beyond the purchase of these ships from Monteangeline Steelmill and Works, the royal government has also committed $3.5 billion to the Naval Research Divsion to be spent in conjuntion with our domestic shipyards to develop organic capabilities to match those of our contemporary security concerns.
The Navy is transitioning to a fleet of smaller, faster ships that can respond more quickly to developments across Ixnay, with a heavier focus on logistics operations instead of a series of massive wartime fleets who rarely see action. With the move away from surface-to-surface warfare towards electronic/cyber warfare and small fast reaction teams, larger ships with massive gun batteries and magazines no longer meet the mission objectives of the Burgundian Navy. Smaller, faster ships with combined operations capabilities are required to fill the gap.

The Monteangeline Steelmill and Works Majestica cruisers and Tempesta destroyers are replacing much larger ships like the Donner class battlecruiser.

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