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Port de Vent City, Port de Vent- As the dramatic announcement of the Corummese tariffs on Palmerian and Insuian goods hit Burgundie the government was quick to call for "cautious and purposeful action" to resolve the crisis. The Foreign Secretary Evangeline Bissole called a press conference within the hour to address the issue.

We look forward to a peaceful and economically sustainable resolution to the Ixnayan Trade Crisis. We are committed to the tenants of free and international markets and hope that the Corummese tarriffs on Insuian goods are brought back to their normal rates immediately. There is a missed oppurtunity to facilitate the capital benefit to both nations if the tariffs remain.
Critics noted the governments lack of concern for tariffs leveled against Palmeria, a socialist nation, a move many think is purely political. Human rights advocates took to social media to address what they termed a neglect of the Palmerian's human rights. Further criticism was leveled against the government from the Trade companies and O'Shea Container Shipping, for being detrimental to established trading partnerships that they maintain with all three nations.

A day of protest, in support of the trading conglomerates were planned, furthering the populace's support of O'Shea after the government decided to buy ships from Monteangeline Steelmill and Works.

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