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Joint Base Ayermer, Ayermer- A combined response a was organized by the Ayermer Prefecture to reports of the ignition of a Kandaran oil tanker, the KS Fandooli, 400nm off of Ayermer last night. Within three hours the Revenue Guard, the Navy of Burgundie, the Maritime Response Group, the Perfect Storm Emergency Response Corps, as well as the Pukhtunkhwan navy and coast guard were on scene with Admiral Elodie-Anthoniette Remique, the prefect of the Ayermer Prefecture, activating the Maritime Emergency Operations Center and assuming command.

The initial response focused on search and rescue efforts. 25 of the 31 crew members have been located and secured aboard the responding ships as of the time of reporting. The remaining 6 are reportedly dead in the bow of the Fandooli, but efforts to find them have not ceased. Incident prioritization has recently shifted to stabilization and firefighting teams are battling the blaze. A fast action team are also attempting to make contact with the rear of the ship to pump the remaining fuel into an unmanned barge to draw the oil away from the fire.

The response will continue until the fire is out and the ship can be salvaged back to Ayermer where the shipping company will have to scrap it, sell it, or retrieve it. There are concerns that the ship will make its way to Kagazi, which is home to the Sahiri Naval Graveyard, a massive unregulated ship cemetery that is considered one of the most polluted places in the world.

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