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Monteangeline Dispatches

January 2029
Issue # 1

Ascher, Cantun Ascher, Monteangelo

Stadi and Armeda officials announced jointly Wednesday morning that a deal has been brokered with Burgundie to supply the nation with 15 new warships to be constructed by the Monteangeline Steelmill and Works (ALMA) at the Ascher Yards. The contract valued at over $58 billion (₥77 billion) is certain to provide a massive boon to the Monteangeline manufacturing sector, but is not without controversy.

Burgundie will be the first foreign power to acquire and operate the Majestica-class cruisers and Tempesta-class destroyers designed by the ALMA Design Bureau. At the announcement of the deal, concerns were raised over the use of such updated designs by a foreign power and the security risks this may pose for the Monteangeline fleet and defense doctrine as a whole. Commodore Sera Quendiesch who fielded most of the questions at the announcement assured correspondents and fellow officials that the deal would in not alter the balance of power in the region's oceans or compromise the security of the fleet in any way. The contract has not gone without controversy in Burgundie as well.

The Burgundian order of five Majestica-class cruisers and ten Tempesta-class destroyers is itself valued at $46.5 billion. A service contract for the vessels is also included with the contract, though many details remain confidential. It has been estimated that it will take more than five years for the contract to be completed by ALMA and the Ascher Yards, during which opportunities of employment or transfer will likely increase. We may also report that a number of drydocks have already been cleared in anticipation of the contract.

Both the Ascher Yards and ALMA have serviced the nation's needs for shipbuilding since 1922. Designs for the Tempesta-class were developed in the late 2010s and the first units went into production in 2020 as the leading vessels of the Century Program to update the Armeda's warships. The Majestica-class warships were developed shortly after the fleet-leading Tschentaner-class heavy cruisers in 2022 in order to bridge the gap between the latter extremely heavy warships and the former while maintaining similar combat capabilities. Despite no new designs since the beginning of the decade, the Century Program is said to be ongoing, with a current focus on production as opposed to the introduction of new designs. There are currently no public plans to update and replace Monteangelo's ageing frigates and corvettes.

Commodore Sera Quendiesch also stated that the export restrictions would remain in place in certain situations and that this deal would not mark "the opening of the floodgates" for exports of Monteangeline warships, but that other deals may be considered in future regardless. In an offhand remark she also suggested that the Tschentaner-class heavy cruisers would remain export restricted barring any extraordinary circumstances.

More information will be provided as it is declassified.​