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Ashford, 1450
Harold, Duke of Ashford

Dear Michael
I am honored to mentor your son, Prince Henry. For this, you are in my debt.
As you may know, the eastern border of our humble kingdom is being harassed by a warlord named Wilhelm, it's affecting trade and the safety of the border.
My direct liege lord doesn't seem all too concerned.

These attacks are however an insult against the Kingdom and the Crown itself. and thus it falls on you, my king, but mostly my friend, to protect the realm and defend our religion. Therefore I ask you to send an army with your son so we can secure the border, and expand our kingdom.




Pennsville, 1450
Henry, Prince of Helvianir

Dear love,
I already miss your smile.
I still don't understand why father sent me away to this godforsaken place, did he find out about us? Did I not satisfy his military guidance? His etiquette classes? Whatever the case may be, our growing distance pains me, maybe he did find out? Who else knows about us?

Father sent an army and a general with me, perhaps this is a test? I don't know. I am close to Ashford now. I heard these people get harassed by barbarians, maybe this is why I was sent? Perhaps father wants me to expand our kingdom into glory, maybe God paved this destiny of our kingdom?

I really miss you, please be careful.

Your Prince, Henry.
Ashford, March 1450

The street to the stronghold was littered with commonfolk cheering and booing at the Prince and his following. Guardsmen rushed to those who booed and escorted them away. The town looked relatively simple, but it was easy to spot the few houses that belonged to the few people with fairly lined pockets.

At the gatehouse of the first bailey stood Harold, a tiny man whose shape resembles that of a raindrop. 'Ah, Henry. I’ve been expecting you. Welcome to Ashford.' He said in a jovial tone. Henry knew better, there was uncertainty in the funny man's voice, perhaps enough to mislead the peasantry

'Harold? So you and father are friends?' I said 'I’m sorry if I sound uninterested, it’s been a long journey as you can imagine.' I finished 'No worries, the maids have prepared some chow before I show you your private quarters.' Harold said. I unsaddled my horse and followed Harold to the great hall where a feast was waiting. 'In honor of the good prince', Harold commented. The table was occupied by presumably the wife and children of the duke, as well as several other people, most likely the owners of the better off houses. One of them looks like a mountain, he was muscled and big, a knight? blacksmith? Perhaps both?

'Henry, this is my wife, Duchess Valeria, and these are my children, William and Adel' Harold said while smiling. 'Hello, it’s nice to meet you.' I took my seat, and the feast began.

. . .

In the middle of the night, the sound of clamor was heard, a scream. Guards stormed the room, Harold accompanied them. I stood up and all I was dressed in were garments suitable for the night. 'Dress up Henry and meet us on the southern inner wall.'

. . .

The town of Ashford was being raided by beasts from far away lands. The screams from the town were easily heard. Several houses are already ablaze. 'Don’t worry, the towns guard and our own guards are taking back control.' Harold calmly said. 'This is the second time he said' as he slammed his fist at the stone of the wall. 'They come from the east and speak a tongue that I can’t decipher. That’s why you came with a detachment.' he finished. All I could do was listen and nod, and observe as the chaos unfolded while the stench of death begun to smother the town.
Ashford, March 1450

A guard rushed to Harold, he was out of breath
'Lord, Lord, They... She is gone... Your wife, they have kidnapped her. They have fled to the east. I have sent a number of men in that direction, but most of them are working to protect the village and this castle..... This is a massacre....'
The anger in Harold's face grew greater and greater 'THEN SEND MORE MEN!' he lambasted at the guard.

Harold was busy belittling his guards, I seized this moment and sneaked out of the castle. I took my horse and galloped to the military fort where my men were present.
The general was surprised when I took control of the troops. We took everything we could and moved ourselves to the unknown east. There I, Henry, would protect our kingdom by attacking the barbarians in their own homes, whether Harold wanted this yes or no, didn't matter to me.

Along the way we took people who could come in handy, some of them had also lost people to the evil barbarians, so they had enough motivation.

We crossed the border and followed the path. We could see that there had been a horde of horses walking this path.
Unknown, March 1450

The army brought bloodhounds to hunt deserters, but this time they were useful for another mission, the search for the wife of Lord Harold.

Henry had a piece of fabric with him and let one of the dogs smell it. As an unguided projectile, the beast shot into the bushes, and the rest of the dogs happily jumped after it. The pack leader, John, grabbed his trumpet and blew a tune, together with scouts and a few soldiers they followed the dogs.

Henry thought the forest was treacherous, you could hardly see anything because it was so dark, sometimes someone fell into a small hole, and sometimes someone broke an ankle, but one could not stand still, the bloodhounds can find their target very accurately, and so the men had to go on.

At one point the dogs stopped and started to growl, an opening in the middle of the forest revealed a camp with people, mainly wild people, barbarians. Harold's wife was nowhere to be seen, where the dogs lost? Or were the kidnappers here?

Henry's men were discovered by a wildling, she shouted and the whole camp full of barbarians focused their attention on Henry and his compatriots. What followed was a fight, where Henry's men had better weapons, the barbarians were in the majority. It was now up to God to bless Henry and his army.

Swordsmen ran in formation to a bunch of barbarians who were planning to use stones as weapons, heads flew into the air and hands fell to the ground, unfortunately for the mighty swordsmen, they were attacked in the back by individuals with clubs.

The sound of moaning men and metal against flesh was deafening. In the bushes, the scouts began to load their arches with arrows, so as to specifically rob the barbarians of their lives, for this is God's will. And God's will is law.

The tactical skill and technological superiority became too much for the barbarians, and so they tried to escape the massacre. A few were captured.

Although the camp was littered with bodies, Henry decided that this was a good place to rest.

The bodies were burned, unless they were Henry's men, sometime later the camp was cleaned up and transformed into a real army camp. The wounded soldiers were treated by the entourage.

Meanwhile, Henry was busy interrogating the barbarians, together with his master of torture. Some barbarians died during the intensive..... conversations. Only one barbarian could tell where Harold's wife was.


Ten kilometers to the southeast was the camp of Chief Sigismund. Sigismund, the man who humiliated East Helvianir. A godless creature, an enemy of Christianity.

In Henry's eyes, this was more than just saving Harold's wife, this was a crusade, spreading God's word. One day Henry would become king, and what better than making the kingdom even bigger because God demands it.

A day and a night passed, and Henry's army prepared for a great fight on the way to the godless dog Sigismund.

On the way to Sigismund Henry and his men passed villages, where the priest spread the word of God, Henry spread his kingship over these people. Anyone who refused, was either exiled, or murdered. In modern times, Henry would be a war criminal.

Henry, who took a moment of rest, spoke to his highest officers about his plans, they were shocked, but an aura of diligence, faith, and king, flooded the officers, Henry is more than a young boy, but one with vision, leadership, and one with God. Henry is a king who would carry the army on his hands. And so they agreed, they would not stop until it was enough. However, an officer did take a few soldiers with him, to get more men in the homeland, and the small villages that gave their word to Henry as their sovereign.

Sigismund's camp is now not far away. Henry's men prepared for a bloody battle. Once at the camp, it didn't look too crowded, it didn't look like Sigismund was at home. Had he fled? Had anyone tipped him about our arrival? A fight broke out.

The sound of colliding swords drowned out the sound of the wind, Henry was attacked by a heavy balding man, he stank like a shit, and seemed drunk like a farmer, Henry was hit a few times by the sword of his attacker, a sword that came from Helvianir.

Henry's arm was hit, and blew intensely, Henry, flooded with adrenaline, did not know better, there was no pain, the only thing that mattered was survival, and especially winning. Henry swung his sword to the legs of his attacker, and hit it. His attacker kneeled in pain and did not pay attention.

Henry, who now saw his chance, put the point of his sword in the heart of his attacker, and killed him in an instant.
Henry fell down on the ground, he was tired, and in shock. This was the first time in his life that he took the life of another man, it did not feel good, it was out of necessity.

On the battlefield it slowly calmed down, Henry's men were more powerful than the men of Sigismund. A number of swordsmen saw Henry lying on the ground. Since that moment everything was a haze.

Sigismund has escaped, but Henry has won. In the coming weeks soldiers of the kingdom will invade these barbaric lands, and gave the villages a simple choice, belong to us, or die.

At home Harold is very worried about his wife, but also about Henry and his plan...