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Monday, July 31, 2017 | Today's Paper

UURA's Landmark Project Begins Construction

By Clifford Paytham

Lux Univ City - Last year, the Univian Urban Renewal Agency (UURA) has announced it's partnership with several local and international organizations in developing and transforming the northern port city of Subil. With the agency's success in renovating urban clusters in the past, it is looking forward to continue its development in more rural areas, where rapid growth is forecasted. The organization has partnered with its associate companies such as The Fort Development Agency and Laoag Holdings in an effort to fully revolutionize the city, forming the United Alliance for Urban Development (UAUD) .

With foreign investors from all around the world watching, a new northern metropolis begins to rise in Sedon's northern shores. The Agency is actually ahead of their schedule in the construction phase as the city has already been pre-planned. The agency believes that Subil will be a good addition to the already established maritime network of ports that Great Sedon already possess.

The city of Subil already has an established presence in the north, however, the infrastructure and the road networks that it has in place will not be enough to support the new and improved port that will be constructed along its shores. The UAUD, along with the support of the Government, wishes to transform Subil into a livable city where the lives of the people are prioritized, and in doing so, would create the following landmark projects for Subil: a megaport that will support Great Sedon's international maritime cargo, a more pedestrian friendly road system, and the Subil City Center which is a multi-billion urban space for new offices and hotels.

The project is expected to be completed by 2030 and would boost the city's local economy. More updates to come.