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Yytuskian Inquiry

January 2029

(79th Edition)

Parliamentary elections gearing up, LEP expected to make great gains

January 1st - With the start of the New Year, many living in Yytuskia will once again be required to do their civic duty, as plans for next year’s parliamentary elections are already way. Many citizens are looking forward to the elections on December 1st, 2029, as recent polls suggest that roughly 55% of the population were either unsatisfied or disappointed by the Neue Zukunft Union and Premierfuhrer Eduard Schoenburg’s handling of various issues over his tenure. The larger of these issues were Talion Conflict as well as lack of real change in the socio-economical landscape with his government.

This election’s hopefuls are the three big hitters: the Sozialisten Arbeiterpartei (SAP) lead by Volkhardt Clauberg, the Vereinigte Patriotischen Faschistischen Partei (VPFP) lead by Hannes Holtz, and the Levantinischen Einheitspartei (LEP), lead by Prinzessin Eleanor Marie von Seighard. Many citizens are leaning more towards the SAP rather than the VPFP, but more surprising is the large chance for the LEP to make gains.

Government analyst Carl Rogge suggests that more people are looking at the LEP rather than the VPFP and SAP is due to Schoenburg’s early attempts to grow closer ties with Leventian nations like Urcea.

Schoenburg early on tried to foster closer ties with the major Leventian nations, like Urcea, Kuhlfros, Caphiria, et cetera. This was mostly through new trade systems, the non-aggression pact with Caphiria during the Talion Conflict, as well as promises to Palmeria and Ormata for newer weapon designs. Now people who were leaning more towards the smaller parties to lean over to the LEP, not even looking into Prinzessin von Seighard’s charisma.

Rogge added that he wouldn’t be surprised if the LEP made significant gains over the VPFP during the later stages of the electoral year.

UDF Seezähne to expand purchases for new Kampfgruppe in the new fiscal year; SMS Größerer König der Heiligen Ordnung to be laid down later this month as flagship

The Seezähne is the UDF’s naval power, and one of the most funded parts of the UDF itself, with a long, bloody history. So it came as no surprise to many that for next year’s fiscal budget more money in the defense budget is being allocated to the navy. Already, roughly $450 billion CUDs are being used to purchase twenty new warships, one of which has already been planned to be laid down.

The SMS Größerer König der Heiligen Ordnung, or Greater King of the Holy Order, will be an Alt-Klasse Schlactkreuzer, and will be one of the two flagships of the newest Kampfgruppe planned. Named after the title of King of the Holy Order, or more colloquially known as the ‘Following of the Ancients’, the SMS Größerer König is set to be launched within three-to-four-years time, along with its sister ship, the SMS Prinzessin Wilhelma II.